Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fantastic Soul Invention:
Nice And Slow b/w Double Action [1976]

This mysterious 45 was produced in Italy on the Green Light label in 1976. "Fantastic Soul Invention", it seems, is a phony artist name that was used on bootleg releases of various funk/disco tracks. The real artist on Nice And Slow is Jesse Green and on Double Action it's the Sarr Band (I think). However, this version of Double Action has some percussion and clav overdubs not on this Sarr Band version. Anyroad, double up on it nicely and slowly with these two fresh dance cuts.

bonus cut:
Jesse Green: Nice And Slow (instr.) (with thanks to Ryan)


Mike said...

Thanks for these Emmett. I am really enjoying the instrumental version. Will be buried away on my mp3 player for a chance broadcast some day in the future.

lazy said...

please put me in your links ,I love this blog!! Lazy

Anonymous said...

The instrumental posted sounds exactly like a version by "Santiago" that was a huge club hit

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff... I've seen a copy in a friend collection and you're right. The FSI monicker was used as cover-up to bootleg in demand tunes.
Other than that, the most common FSI issues, are this one, and the a fifth of Beehtoven (actually by Walther Matthews band) b/w Ball in play by Anoub.
Word is that Green light was a subsidiary of Sar records in Milan and they used to couple US botlegged tunes on the A side with their own studio-band material on the flip.
In order to add more confusion to this mess, I have another italian 7" by FSI, on The Dog records, blue labe with black print, for which I can't find no reference anywhere... Apparenly it's a 7t's rock band called Hudson River or summat like dat...