Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starbuck: It Feels Good [1978]

Culled from the Maxell Rock Sampler. Featuring the craziest synth climb this side of Blinded By The Light. I used to think I was alone in my appreciation for this, but Internet research has revealed, as it will, that there are some hardcore Starbuck fans out there.

The liner notes from the Sampler are memorable:

"Here's contrast for you: full vocal harmonies and fuzz-tone guitars back an extremely clear, strong tenor lead vocal. Starbuck is an Atlanta-based sextet which turns It Feels So Good* into a danceable, stimulating, mellow measure of contemporary rhythm.

Only Ken Crysler, the drummer, isn't a singer. The rest, including keyboardists Bruce Blackburn and Dave Shaver, along with guitarists John Fristoe and Johnny Walker, and bass player James Cobb, add vocals to their instrumental expertise.

Musically, the material is lyrical, emotionally specific**, quietly incandescent and warm. Sonically it's clean. Listen for the clear ringing of the opening brush hitting the cymbal. Listen also for a rarity in modern rock music: a crystalline unfuzzed guitar solo that's completely free from intentional distortion."

* sic
** what?

Starbuck on CD


Anonymous said...

In my archives, I have the entire "Searching for a Thrill" album from 1978 (which contains "It Feels Good"), and several other fine songs. These guys had a serious gift for catchy AM radio pop. However, the lead single from "Searching for a Thrill" was the title song, which sounds like prog rock, not what the Starbuck-lovin' audience was waiting for in 1978, thus it stiffed.

Thanks a lot.

Emmett said...

Hey JB, thanks for the comment. Starbuck fans unite!

davyh said...

I always make an effort to be emotionally specific.