Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gabor Szabo: The Last Song

Time for the obligatory bi-monthly Gabor post. This one comes to us from the enigmatic Faces LP. My favorite part is the outro, featuring a string part which eerily foreshadows Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.

written by Gabor Szabo


davyh said...

These posts are becoming a fine and noble tradition Emmett and I look forward to them very much. I have found a dreadful paucity of Gabor Szabo CDs in UK record stores, but one day I know he'll turn up for two quid in my favourite charity shop. Until then, I'm countin' on YOU kid.

Anonymous said...

Fully fledged cinematic melodrama of the transatlanic sort. That it was recorded as late as 1977 is the biggest surprise, but the guitar near the track's close is top notch Szabo.

Apparently, Mercury released the track "Alica" as a single, but whether this was a deliberate tax write-off is another thing entirely.

Stevey said...

We like Gabor Szabo very much on Hungary.Where it is possible to obtain it "Faces" LP.
to his full musical substance?
Thanks "The Last Song".
Into an exchange I am top notch to give single Gabor Szabo - Cleveland '76 (Bootleg).