Friday, October 05, 2007

Brian Eno: The True Wheel

featuring Phil Manzanera on guitar, bending both minds and strings at the 3:13 mark.


david said...

Row Row Row...Ha Ha
Great to hear this again.
I remember in the day it was playing on the stereo and when it hit the solo an up-until-then skeptic jumped up, raised his arm, and yelled, "Eno's got funk!"

david said...

Also; I just, listening again, had a close musical-analogy flash to the recent, "I With You And Constellations" by Mazarin.

Emmett said...

Interesting tale, David. Your skeptical friend must be one cool customer if he made it all the way through Third Uncle without batting an eyelash.

Never heard of Mazarin but I'll add them to the radar screen.

david said...

"Constellations is gone off of Hype machine, but Mazarin's "New American Apathy" is still there, which illustrates the similar atmosphere.

Mondo said...

'Looking for a certain ratio' is that where they take the name from?

Great track - Although mentally I always confuse this with Mother Whale Eyeless though.

Impossible guitars is a top Phil M album with some great archive banter between tracks from Roxy and Eno sessions