Friday, October 19, 2007

Keith Mansfield: Big Shot [1975]
Skinnyman: Not Bonnie And Clyde [2004]

...and for kicks:
Keith Mansfield: Big Shot (slowed down by 8%) [1975]

This is the solution to this mystery.

The Mansfield track is originally from KPM 1156, "Metropolis". Also available on Shut It! The Music Of The Sweeney.

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davyh said...

Cracking stuff Emmett.

Any non-UK readers who are in the dark about 'The Sweeney' may find this enlightening.

It will no doubt amuse you to observe that our police cars had bells instead of sirens as late as the 1970s...

Anonymous said...

The Keith Mansfield track - which i don't actually recall from the TV series - must surely have influenced whoever wrote the theme for HBO's "OZ".

Very nice, and interesting once again that the source for those involved in "The Sweeney"'s production lay in library music. Cool, Emmett.

Emmett said...

Thanks as always for your support and insights, "mates". (Am I using that term correctly?) In case anyone's interested, "Big Shot" appeared in the following episodes of The Sweeney:

Supersnout (series 2, episode 3, 15/9/75)
Poppy (series 2, episode 8, 20/10/75)

You Brits have such a wacky calendar: 20 months! It must be a holdover from the pagan daze...

Darcy said...

Oh happy days!

Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Big shot! MAAAN!
Kinda ooga-booga!

Kicked it to my blog: