Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elvis Presley:
Bridge Over Troubled Water [1970]
An American Trilogy [1972]

Mickey Newbury: An American Trilogy [1971]

Elvis's songs taken from this compilation; Mickey's O.G. is from the album 'Frisco Mabel Joy.

His truth is marching on.


Anonymous said...

thx for posting Mickey Newbury. I have been on the lookout for his previous album, Looks Like Rain as I heard it was a must. this is the first i've actually heard.

Anonymous said...

Great, Emmett.

While i knew Mickey Newbury rewrote "American Trilogy" from a traditional arrangement, it's a rare treat to actually hear his original version for the first time. Not too shabbily sung, either.

Love the shot of Elvis at the wheel.

Darcy said...

Bizarrely the Mickey Newbury track always reminds me of having flu and doing jigsaws!

As a sickly teenager I was glued to the radio and Johnnie Walker used to play this on his lunchtime BBC Radio1 show.

I love it.