Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Thought: There's a Boy [1982]
The Thought: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night [1982]
The Thought: Rebels [1982]

Three songs off the forgotten self-titled album by The Thought.

Cock de Jong - guitar, vocals
Jan de Jong - drums.
Wieg Zigtema - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Rob Marienus - bass
Rob van Zandvoort - keyboards


Anonymous said...

Neat, Mike! Always on the lookout for a good Prunes cover, but all three of these tunes hit the right spot.

Speaking of Dutch bands, ever heard of the Alabama Kids, from about ten years after the Thought ?g

Mike said...

Never heard of the Alabama Kids, though it's a catchy name for a Dutch band, I am sure... I wonder if there is a band of Haarlem Kids in Alabama. I really doubt it. I saw your comment on my post last week. Sorry I didn't reply. I've been busy enough so that I haven't even had time to take care of the things I care about - such as Art Decade. Today I do as I am too h.o. to do much besides post songs. Too h.o. thanks to Emmett, actually.
I am glad to see that Emmett has more than picked up the slack on A.D.

Anonymous said...

Has any of you heard of The Nits?
Ting, for example, is one of many great songs from a band that's pushing 30. Highly rec'd.

Win Scott Eckert said...
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Win Scott Eckert said...

I actually have this on vinyl, but lack the equipment to convert it. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just dug through my records and found this very one... brings back memories! As a matter of fact, I've JUST bought a Numark turntable and plan on converting this album soon!