Friday, November 02, 2007

Fantasy Three:
It's Your Rock (vocal) b/w It's Your Rock (instrumental)

Way back when we played a more streamlined version of this instrumental, taken from the Don Letts-curated Dread Meets B-Boys Downtown CD. Now at long last here's the vocal version and the original, unexpurgated the still-ruling Don Letts CD version, in case anybody missed it the first time.

Produced by Master O.C. Mixed by Master O.C. & Charlie Rock.
The instrumental is a sure shot edit by Aldo Marin.

To the uncredited bass player, drummer, and keyboard player: I love you guys.


Anonymous said...

any chance you would ever post the whole Dread meets Bboys album? i have been trying to get a copy for monthes and its really hard to come-by. no blogs have it, no torrents, only copy on amazon is about $60

Emmett said...

Hey anon., send us an email, we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

hey, my email:

billy at thebillyjacobs dot com.

maybe we can work out a trade or something?