Thursday, November 29, 2007


Beyond The Wizards Sleeve: Spring

Face A:
Don't Cry Girl
The Fifth Note

These are re-edits, with additional instrumentation by Beyond The Wizards Sleeve. If anyone knows the names of the original artists, do get in touch. Also get in touch if you have any advice on toning down the sssibilants on vinyl transfers.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, those wizards sleeve dudes are great. i have an older 12" which has mixes of can and monkees and some turkish psych, but i can't i.d. these tracks.

Anonymous said...

the last one is chitra neogy...

Down Jones said...

i love these too...

Anonymous said...

Hi there - Erol Alkam is one half of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, the other guy (forgotten his name) used to be in the Grid (Richard Norris...perhaps?)

Anyway - hope that helps

Anonymous said...

If you transfer over into editing programs like Cubase you can fix the levels for better sound.
But if there's a lot of hissing from playing the highs on your equip you should get a fresh needle man.

Anonymous said...

Don't Cry Girl is a song called "A bolond lány"
it is hungarian and by "Illés"
It was in some movie too, and you can see it on YouTube:

it's practically identical without the big beat and a couple of synths