Wednesday, November 07, 2007


1977. And what have we here ?

Syd Barrett aficionado, and sometime runner for Led Zeppelin's "Swan Song" in London's Soho - one Daniel Treacy - sprints off with the cash and conveniently becomes unemployed on proceeds significant enough to ferociously dig himself underground and subsidise the recording and pressing of their first monumental 45.

Punk attitude or what ? The rest of the band even gets the creative opportunity to hand-color the xerox copied sleeves (a wink and a nudge to Mayo Thompson ?) and thus cement their GLC credentials.

Dan Treacy is subsequently fired from a Pink Floyd support spot by David Gilmour, for announcing Syd's address (accurately) over the house P.A. and is subsequently diagnosed himself as suffering from the depersonalizing Bi-Polar Disorder, or something of the ilk, much to nobody's surprise.

Improbably uncelebrated in every locality outwith Holland, where " I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives " was an unequivocal hit in 1982, the Television Personalities patently didn't give a toss that Simon Cowell would leap out his grisly rabbit suit long enough to secure a network production and unfortunately go full-term with several bastard spawnings of the X-Factor. Hello "Donnie Darko", anyone ?

"Where's Bill Grundy Now" ? Well, i haven't seen him.

For those in the know, fuck the Glasgow Housing Association.

Note: There are three sleeves: one features several writings all over, one features 4 small pictures including a TV set, and one features a picture of Santa Claus holding a kid.

14th Floor / Oxford St. W1 7" (OVERGROUND 003) 1978


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Emmett said...

Nice. A less insouciant spiritual descendant of Twenty Flight Rock.

P.S. I'd love to know what record Syd is spinning in that photo. Can anyone see?

Anonymous said...

Intriguing question, Emmett.

It looks like it could possibly be the Harvest logo on the label, but i'm not sure. The picture is definitely from the promo shoot for "Madcap Laughs" so that dates it to late 1969. It's quite possibly the first print of his own album.

There ought to be a prize of some kind for answering that one.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Can anyone tell if Syd is spinning the record backward or forward?

Anonymous said...

It's spinning backward, mr. beer n. hockey - you can clearly tell from the shadow spilling over the floor.

Wait a minute. No, that's my deck i'm squinting at... where did i put this month's supply of Prozac ?

Anonymous said...

News just in...

Thanks to Emmett for passing an e-mail on to me to the effect that the Glasgow Save Our Homes Campaign ( has linked to this post from their website.

If you check back in here please leave a comment. You don't live in the same block of flats as me, by any chance ? Nice.