Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Delta 5: Train Song [1981]

"Here's your letter with a page to burn..."

Formed in Leeds, Yorkshire 1979. Band bio by Alan Delta 5 here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Art Decade ! Can you send me (by a comment on my blog) a list (not classed) of your 20 favorite tracks of the year. All music styles are welcome, but try to include a lot of 2007 releases. I asked this to all blogs in my blogroll, to make a music best-of of this year ! I'll publish all the lists in an article soon.
Keep up the good work !

Emmett said...

Hey 16, interesting question. My fave track of '07 is Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher.

Anonymous said...

Hello Emmett ! Are you OK to send me a list of your twenty fave tracks of '07 ? The others "Art Decade bloggers" can participate, of course ! I'll publish all the lists soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Big B.

That was some "alcoholiday", partner! I was beginning to wonder if we'd hear from you again this side of '07...

Have a great festive season!

Anonymous said...

16 them all:

don't know if i qualify as part of the team, but how about Vietnam"s version of "Dark End of the Street" from their EP on Social registry ?

if you include reissues of hitherto "lost" gems, if would have to be the Notekillers' "Clock Wise" from 2007's compilation on Ecstatic Peace. Thanks again, to Mike for introducing it to me, and David First of the Notekillers for being kind enough to provide a commentary and additional links.

Mike's original post has to be the standout from 2007, for my money. The Notekillers is a MUST HAVE in anybody's collection.