Wednesday, December 05, 2007



Emmett said...

Duuuudes: It's been 6 months since our last hiatus, and now it's time for our pre-scheduled 7th-month sabbatical. We'll be back in early- to mid-January '08. In the meantime, take it easy; don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Peace & love, ARTDECADETEAM

Anonymous said...

Merry X-Mas! to everybody dropping in on Art Decade, and in particular the regular team.

Right now there's a rainbow climbing up from the Clyde but i'm not going to get wet chasing for a pot of gold... I might never dry out.

Party hard, and keep the "Faith".

Anonymous said...

Hello Emmett, merry christmas !

Intermission is really GOOD SOUND !
Do you have the playlist of it ?

Emmett said...

Hey 16, cool, glad you dig the intermission mix! Here's the playlist as per your request:

Percy Faith: "A Summer Place"
Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour (loop)
The Orb: Wish You Were Here (trance remix)
Beatles: Helter Skelter (loop)
Black Sabbath: Symptom of the Universe
Al Stewart: Terminal Eyes
Freddie King: Gimme Some Lovin'
Tim Maia: Que Beleza
Daevid Allen: 333
Mike Curb: Sweet Gingerbread Man
Johanna Group: Hors Phase
Steely Dan: FM
Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall (interpolation)
Fantastic Four: Night People
Guy Pedersen: Kermesse Non Heroique
Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice
The Beatles: What's The New Mary Jane?

...happy holidays! ;)

Anonymous said...

see you then art decade. happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the playlist Emmett !
Merry Christmas again, Art Decade rules !

davyh said...

Oh no! All this Christmas mallarkey to contend with and no AD to get me through...! Curses!

Enjoy your break chaps - ring out solstice bells, etc.

Anonymous said...

Killer mix, Emmett!

Big B said...

Props to Emmett for giving me a seat in the van.

Cheers to all.

"What a shame Mary Jane couldn't come to the party..."

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

I just got around to listening to the mix. Excellent!

gbdfjsh said...

Well done!
My two blogs are going on the Xmas break as well....thanks for the wonderful music so folks are linked, and definitely "Upper Tier"

Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Art Decade crew !
My new blog is online !
But, before visit, you should read the "Goodbye-message" to 16 Them All.

davyh said...

Hey Art Decaders, it's January 10th - get your asses back to work!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Davy. Back on Monday. :)

gbdfjsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gbdfjsh said...

Sorry bout that. Syntactical flip-flop in the previous.

Anyways/BTW/FYI: Yer in my blog's "2007 year in review" thingy...

and here's my vinyl/mp3 blog....

Looking forward to your return.

Joan Anne said...

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