Friday, March 28, 2008

Don Henley: Dirty Laundry

I always dug the beat and the production on this one. David B. might owe just the tiniest fraction of the royalties for "Let's Dance" to Don & co. for this.

Steve Porcaro: keyboards, special keyboard effects
Danny Kortchmar: rhythm guitar
Joe Walsh: 1st guitar solo
Steve Lukather: 2nd guitar solo
Jeff Porcaro: drums
Roger Linn: special effects
George Gruel, Timothy B. Schmit, Danny Kortchmar and Don Henley: background vocals


Anonymous said...

Almost an AOR Hall of Fame. Half of Toto and half of late Eagles.

Emmett said...

...throw in the inventor of the LinnDrum and you've got an unstoppable team.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emmett:

Thanks for posting this one. I'm midway through a series on Great Session Drummers. I wanted to include this in my Jeff Porcaro set but couldn't track it down. As always, appreciate the broad scope of your site.

Music Junkie at Fusion 45

sack lunch said...

block rockin wall street power pop!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Patrick.