Monday, April 28, 2008

Quiet Village Project: Pillow Talk

Getting pumped for the new Quiet Village album which will be available in CD format on May 13. The track above is an edit of "Voyager" by the Alan Parsons Project, of course, although our friends at I Spy Diamonds have noted that it also sounds a lot like this song "Patrick", by Goblin. Truth is stranger than fiction.


Mike said...

Heavy dude! Now I understand the photograph cause the song's a journey! I wonder if Isolée's Pillowtalk is a tribute. I hear similarities. I'll post it and see what Sheridan Dupre XX thinks.

Anonymous said...

Does indeed sound a lot like the Goblin from their 1979 soundtrack, but if it hadn't been pointed out i'd have been none the wiser... Goblin of course are better known from their scores to Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" and their work with Dario Argento.

The Quiet Village Project edit is very tasty!