Saturday, April 19, 2008

See No Evil
Ain't That Nothin'
Little Johnny Jewel
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Marquee Moon

As promised, here is Television's show performed at My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY. Recorded June 9, 1978.

Thanks to ib for the artwork.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike. It's a pleasure to listen to the gig in its entirety here, and especially a buzz to hear a live version of "Glory" recorded so close to the release of "Adventure". Class!

Did you get the related images i e-mailed you ?

Mike said...

Yes! Thanks! I don't check the website's email as I am sort of lazy. Emmett had forwarded them on to me, but in my somewhat hungover state this morning I forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder. The pictures are both great.

Anonymous said...

As it's late in the Saturday afternoon here, i'm starting in on a Sunday morning hangover-to-come as we speak! Cheers!

Mike said...

Very good! Emmett is going to have a very serious hangover tomorrow. That I can promise you. Tonight will be a late one.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thanks! I'd forgotten what a brilliant band they were. Now I'll rush back to the vinyl version (again).

Mike said...

In re: to an earlier discussion, concerning Emmett and the prospect of him being hungover. I don't know how he feels right now, but his sporadic blogging partner is ill. Very ill. At the top of the page you will find a post in honor of my dire situation.

Anonymous said...

vu Tom Verlaine et Jimmy Rip en concert à Paris dimanche dernier; invités par Patti Smith qui expose ses photos et dessins à "la Fondation Cartier"; Tom en grande forme ( je l'ai vu sourire pour la 1ère fois en 31 ans et 6 concerts parisiens ); et vous ne me croirez pas mais ils ont joué tous les 2 une version country de LJJ;

Sarah said...

Wow. Looking forward to listening. I've never listened to much television beyond Marquee Moon, but their guitars are phenomenal.

sack lunch said...

I love it when bands like this play their tracks relatively unchanged in a live setting. I mean if I got to see Prince I expect a complete overhaul of material but Television's songs are so good when they're tight. Thanks!