Saturday, May 24, 2008


I first heard this album just the other day, and like the saying goes: it blew me away. Like a welcome breeze on a muggy day when the sky is a tight sealed lid.

I was questioning my decision to hang onto old soundtracks while clearing the decks on my Hard Drive when I gave up entirely and threw in the towel. What started out as a spring-clean soon escalated into an ill-considered pogrom on my Music Library, and a sweeping away of folders with reckless abandon.

Tearing at the cellophane on a fresh pack of smuggled Jin-Ling filter tips and ignoring the hungry pleas of my barefoot offspring, I savagely keyed in a search for more Riz Ortolani and stumbled on this. Ah! The fleeting bliss of the momentary fix...

These old CDs make for excellent coasters. The vinyl has all been sold or melted down to use for barter as the fuel crisis looms. Distractedly, I allow one tearful urchin to spirit away the remaining antique 78 to lob as a makeshift frisbee down in the park. My eyes are fried and weeping through plumes of contraband smoke, yet I refuse to don the reading glasses so recently prescribed. They can tear down my building and kick me out on the street, but I will not go quietly; the sounds of old movies waft exultantly and can not be silenced.

Hallelujah! It all adds up to a declaration of war, even if i'm not entirely sure which side I'm on.

download: RIZ ORTOLANI: IL RICORDO DI SERENA from "Confessione di un Commissario di Polizia..." LP (RCA) 1971 (Italy)

download: RIZ ORTOLANI: SERENA E LOMUNO from "Confessione di un Commissario di Polizia..." LP (RCA) 1971 (Italy)

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Anonymous said...

In the Future, do you think mp3s will be compressed at 1411 kb/s -- making them indistinguishable from WAV files?

Good plotline for a science fiction novel.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I don't see why not, given the accelerated rate at which technology is now moving. The RIAA will of course fund roving internet hit-squads initially, but sooner or later all music will become a manifestation of the "living word".

Rooted in the lost Gnostic Scrolls found in the mid-20th century, Philip K. Dick shall be venerated throughout the world even as L. Ron Hubbard's popularity declines.

Or maybe not.

Mike said...

I love these tracks. BTW - I don't think Mmp3s will ever be compressed at 1411. I just don't think that people can tell the difference between 320 and 1411, so the extra bandwidth is just kind of a pointless use of hard drive space. 320 makes sense though.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Most people, i believe, have difficulty in differentiating between 192 kbps and 320 kbps. Which is why 320 has been preset as professional standard with regards to most encoding software.

Big B said...

these tracks are massive!


this is sounding sooooo good right now. thanks