Monday, July 07, 2008

The Tempos: See You In September

Well folks, it's been nearly six months since we re-commenced back in January, and the time has come for this writer to take another sabbatical. It will be a rather lengthy hiatus this time, as I've got a lot of stuff to do this summer such as getting married, going on a honeymoon, and then going to Mike's wedding in August. But make no mistake: we'll be back in full force in September.

No mix this time, unfortunately -- I've been too busy with wedding stuff. But there will be a couple of little updates over the next week or so, and my colleagues will no doubt be dropping by from time to time over the summer.

Thanks for listening, everybody. I hope there have been at least one or two songs over the last six months that have tickled your fancy. Have a kickass summer. See you in September, and then... it's fucking on.


ib said...

Well, well, Emmett.

I was expecting a hiatus announcement to cover your upcoming wedding and honeymoon, but this is something of a double whammy!

All the very best, of course, with your forthcoming nuptials and hi, also, to your intended.

Congratulations, Mike! 2008 is clearly the year of LOVE.

What ? No Mix Tape or Percy Faith ?

ib said...

Wickedly apposite song though! Cheers!!

davyh said...

Crikey - many congratulations Emmett...Big Life Stuff.

Have a great summer - we'll be right here waiting x

Anonymous said...

congrats. will miss my weekly listen. until then.

Atall said...

You won't lose me to a summer love.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys!