Monday, July 07, 2008

October 2002
Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

Thom Yorke:

October 26
Everything in its Right Place
I Might Be Wrong
Sail to the Moon
Like Spinning Plates
There There
Pyramid Song
After the Gold Rush

October 27
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Morning Bell
(Nice Dream)
I Might Be Wrong
Sail to the Moon
Like Spinning Plates
True Love Waits
Paranoid Android


ib said...

I don't know why this should be the case, Mike, but I just can't seem to get behind Thom Yorke or Radiohead. Weird. Lots of people whose taste I normally respect seem to get a lot from it. They eye me suspiciously when I put them down.

I have even accumulated a surfeit of Radiohead material along the way. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in the (great, I'll freely admit) production and then I'll self-consciously remove myself from it as if somehow scalded and embarrassed. Suddenly and without warning. What can I say ?

I have absolutely no clear idea as to why this antipathy resides within me. None whatsoever.

Mike said...

Don't fight your instincts! Have you seen them live? They might be a bit self-absorbed, but I think their music speaks for itself, positively. It's not the Clash, but I think they've tried to be somewhat relevant throughout their career.

ib said...

I know. Odd, huh ? Just can'f ight that antipathy for long! By the way, remember "Creep". That one reminds me so much of the Hollies' "Air That I Breathe" that it's downright scary...

Anonymous said...

i love his (thom's) rendition of creep and the track just.
that's all really!

CArmacher said...

The point is not that they've tried to remain relevant, but that they have done so despite not pandering to mainstream appeal.

Radiohead is probably the most influential band of the past 20 years, and they deserve every bit of praise in my opinion.