Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jean-Luc Ponty: Far From The Beaten Paths

From the album Individual Choice; inspired by the redoubtable Two For Tennis show.

Featuring J.L. Ponty on all synthesizers and violin.


ib said...

This is great. I was convinced you'd posted something from Jean-Luc on an earlier date, but there is no mention of it in the Art Decade archives.

Did you mention him in relation to someone in another post, perhaps ?

Rick Wright and Floyd:

"Ponty at the Sky".

I couldn't resist it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that we've mentioned JLP before, ib, but surely he's never far removed from anyone's radar screen.

Jean-Luc vaguely resembles a bearded Rick Wright. That's about all we have by way of a tribute for today... but there will be something else coming soon.

Seeing Roger Waters perform DSOTM live at MSG a couple years ago (thanks for buying those tix, Mike!), I was struck by how important Great Gig and Us & Them are, musically, when you hear that piece as a whole. Those two songs add much needed tonal colours at critical junctures. And guess who composed the music for those two??

Rest in peace, Rick.

ib said...

All of "Dark Side" is essential. One of the last great Floyd albums. Bigger and deeper than it's reputation.

ib said...

Almost forgot. Don't forget Clare Torry and her contribution to "Great Gig In The Sky"; she fought long and hard to get the credit.

ib said...

By the way, Rosa thinks this is the best thing she's heard all week.