Saturday, November 29, 2008

April 27, 1983
Las Colinas Soundstage
Near Dallas, TX

David Bowie with Stevie Ray Vaughan:
What in the World
Look Back in Anger
Joe the Lion
Wild is the Wind
Golden Years
Let's Dance
Red Sails
Breaking Glass
Life on Mars
Cat People
China Girl
Scary Monsters
Rebel Rebel
I Can't Explain
White Light, White Heat
Station to Station
Cracked Actor
Ashes to Ashes
Space Oddity
Young Americans
Soul Love
Hang on to Yourself
Jean Genie
Modern Love


ib said...

I saw Bowie on his 1983 "Serious Moonlight" tour in Edinburgh, at Murrayfield Stadium. The event was a huge disappointment; "Scary Monsters" was the last album I enjoyed.

I can't remember if the Who's "I Can't Explain" was on the set list here, but it ought to have been. I seem to recall it rained, and at some point early in the proceedings I was jittering like Ian Curtis on the terraces due to the severe cold. Contrary to all appearances I was not dancing.

What's more, Bowies canary yellow coiffure was beginning to make me exceedingly nauseous. Despite his reasonable attempts to resurrect his back catalogue.

The word verification is "strables": rabies in the stables ?

Mike said...

Excellent. Thanks for this, ib. Stevie Ray Vaughan was kicked of the tour before it started, unfortunately, otherwise that yellow coif might not have been so indigestible.
To those of us who are a bit younger than yourself (and only a bit), seeing Bowie in 1983 seems like a dream. Though I would prefer a little less horn on these rehearsals.

Anonymous said...

Wow, finally, thanks! This is such an essential rock and roll document, a must have. Why no SRV on tour? Money, other career choices, not enough spotlight for Mr. Jones, too big a straw at the cola table? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

**Why no SRV on tour? Money, other career choices, not enough spotlight for Mr. Jones**

You probably should read the sympathetic to Stevie Ray bio, "Caught in the Crossfire." Not to mention Vaughn's apology to Bowie on VH1's Behind the Music. At the time, while the Double Trouble album was in the can, and Bowie and Jackson Browne had discovered Vaughn at Montreux, Vaughn was still a virtual unknown outside Switzerland and Texas. Bowie didn't want DT to open up for him, but the "stealing the spotlight by his own bandmate" idea on what was to become the biggest tour ever up to that point is borderline insane. See what Bowie had done for Luther Vandross a decade earlier in LV's autobio, and you'll see why Vaughn eventually sobered up and fell on his sword before he died.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned a number of scenarios (other than the "spotlight" one)of why SRV did not play on the tour. According to the VH1 site: "Bowie offered Vaughan the lead guitarist role for his 1983 stadium tour, but he turned him down, preferring to play with Double Trouble. Vaughan and Double Trouble set off on a successful tour and quickly recorded their second album, Couldn't Stand the Weather, which was released in May of 1984."

So I'm thinking if the money was more enticing he may have gone for it, but he instead went for the "other career choices" option.

Anonymous said...

Not so bad