Friday, March 20, 2009

Angelo & Eighteen - Midnight Flight

A Mickie Most Production. The B-side is now commercially available, but I'm feeling this A-side. School's out for summer! (almost...)

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Anonymous said...

Not exactly my Cup of Tea, but Mickey M. definitely had his Moments. Especially during the years when the elder brothers of my best friends were in their early teen and "Hanging up Posters of my favourite star" age (round '74,'75).

I particularly remember a poster of Suzy Quatro, dressed in a black leather cat suit half unzipped and she was playing on an apparently oversized guitar. It was hanging in the boysroom of one the brothers of my best mate Hermann and I was taking every chance 2 knock on his door and catch a glance.

Quite impressing and fantasy stimulating poster for an 11 year old like me and it made me wanting to play such a big gutiar too and having a girlfren as sexy as Suzy.

It took its time to find out that the "huge" guitar was an electric bass and that the bassgutiar only seemed that big 'cause Suzy was so tiny in comparision.

Nevertheless for a few years I remained a faithful supporter of hers and "48 Crash" became one of "the Hits" of me and my friends early teens.

Btw: I really luvd the pic by Eggleston you posted somewhen in January. It left me almost as flabbergasted as the Suzy Q. poster in 75.

anonymus no. 2