Monday, March 23, 2009

shoulder pads
The Fall: Shoulder Pads #1

Probably the two best songs that reference one of the worst fashion fads.

Shoulder Pads #2:

"Knew I was right all along
Rock to Them, a Talking Heads album
Superhero in harlequin kecks
Dim-wit lecture, half read

Was I - victim in clown hat?
Was I - nearly toned

Then my powers did return....

Watch out!
Makers of fads

It's MES in shoulder pads"


ib said...

Superb post, Big B!

Disconcertingly, I do not have "Bend Sinister" in its entirety; nor do I recall having heard these two gems. Great guitar from Brix, too.

I will be in audience with The Fall this Friday and Saturday night here in Glasgow. A review will be forthcoming.

Big B said...

Hey ib! Great news about the upcoming gig. Hope Mark E. Smith can still stand.

"Bend Sinister" is golden. Captures the seedier side of life in the 80s yet still sounds fresh. Also features their big cover hit "Mr. Pharmacist."

Enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

"Couldn't tell Lou Reed from Doug Yule/a mule"