Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Smiths -
Handsome Devil
Accept Yourself

Two more from the Troy Tate sessions.


Anonymous said...

I realized the other day that over the past 2 years I've accumulated a beautiful set of songs from Art Decade. A herky-jerky mix of funk, side-burned soul, remixes, etc. I wanted to say "thanks, I dig your choices".

Mike said...

Hey, thank you for the comment. I totally agree with you too, not so much with my stuff, but with songs that Emmett, Big B, and Sheridan Dupre have posted. Every once in a while I just set my mp3 player to play only artdecade songs, and I am amazed by the work of my co-bloggers. Lots of good stuff. So thanks again for the comment; it's good to hear, especially since Emmett is probably going to kill this blog in a week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Ed, glad you're enjoying the music! Don't take Mike's comments seriously - he has what I believe is called "gallows humor". Rest assured, we're not going to commit blogging seppuku any time soon. Thx again for the feedback!