Monday, August 17, 2009

Morton Feldman, excerpt from Rothko Chapel

"The example of the painters was crucial. Feldman’s scores were close in spirit to Rauschenberg’s all-white and all-black canvases, Barnett Newman’s gleaming lines, and, especially, Rothko’s glowing fog banks of color. His habit of presenting the same figure many times in succession invites you to hear music as a gallery visitor sees paintings; you can study the sound from various angles, stand back or move up close, go away and come back for a second look." - Alex Ross

Here's the final - and most melodic - bit from Feldman's 1971 Rothko Chapel.

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Anonymous said...

What a broad range your musical taste has! The Carpenters (very easy listening) an' good ole Morton (whose compositions generally considered to be the opposite of "easy" listening) within two days.

I appreciate these postings very much!

Keep on keeping on!

anonymus no. 2