Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey folks, I'll be DJ'ing at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca Branch this Saturday night (August 14, circa 10 PM), along with a lot of other great entertainers, as part of a two-day Harry Nilsson festival. Come down to witness a true uninhibited mass expression of Nilssonophilia in a judgement-free environment. The gladdest experience you'll ever know? Solid deets here.

PLEASE NOTE: if anyone has any suggestions for any cool Nilsson or Nilssonesque music for me to play at this event, by all means submit a comment below!

The Modern Folk Quartet - This Could Be The Night {written by H.E. Nilsson III}


Axe Somebody said...

Ever heard of the Electric Junkyard? I was digging and came across their one-off eponymous 1969 LP. Studying the amazing cover art, I realized the shirtless weirdo in the tub was none other than Harry Nilsson.

According to the liner notes, "This album is the result of a great deal of careful preparation, nine months alone were spent experimenting with different recording techniques." And, "All horns are electrified."

My favorite tracks, which were not actually written by Nilsson, are "Annie's Place" and "Garbage Can Ballet."

On a side note, I've been a fan of the site for years and the latest megamix is my favorite yet.

emmett said...

Hey Axe, thanks for the comment! I'd not heard of Electric Junkyard but I will be checking them out. Great tip. And I'm so glad to hear you liked the last mix! You have made my day.

Big B said...

Hey Emmett, just gettin' back in the groove of things post-vacation. I'm sure this gig was stellar. If only I could have attended!

Congrats again on fatherhood.