Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Emmett presents: "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part"
Spring-Summer Megamix 2010

Face A
Grandstand - Soul Stage Orchestra
Hilly Fields (1892) - Nick Nicely
Just For Me - Manfred Mann
Skyline - Norman Greenbaum
Zoo Gang - Paul McCartney
The John Scene - Tigers On Vaseline

Face B
Morpha Too (rough mix) - Big Star
You Were So Warm - Dwight Twilley Band
Looking For The Magic - Dwight Twilley Band
Cantata Per Maryam - Piero Umiliani
Like We Were Before - Song
The Mess (live) - Wings

Face C
DK 50-80 - Otway & Barrett
Towering Inferno - The Green Arrows
Space (excerpt) - Georges Rodi
Magic - Unknown Artist
Strangers From The Light - Baltinore
Cosmic Surfin' - Haruomi Hosono

Face D
Brodovi - VIA Talas
Summertime City - Mike Batt with The New Edition
(Like A) Locomotion - Leftside
Cardboard Lamb - Crash Course In Science
Under Your Thumb - Godley & Creme
Everyday - William Onyeabor

Face E
Doot Doot (extended version) - Freur
C'est Fab - Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires
Ain't You - Kleenex
Marcy - Norman Greenbaum
Petrol Flowin - Yan d'Ys
Honey In The Rock - Blind Mamie Forehand

zip file with all 30 songs, plus m3u

This megamix is dedicated to my son Noah, born the day after this was posted!


Emmett said...

Duuudes... this took forevs. Sorry. Hope you like it. The m3u file in the zip folder is supposed to play all the songs one after the other and in the right order. Let me know if anyone encounters technical difficulties. Liner notes and "outtakes" to follow... perhaps.

solarflares said...

Yeahhhhh!!! Worth the wait.

The last megamix got burned to CD and is a favourite at work.

Been following ArtDecade for a few years now. Keep it up.
Also: you've been blogrolled:

Brett Alan said...

Man, I've been looking for "Hilly Fields" FOREVER...or at least since my friend and I ordered two copies of the single from Music Machine, but they only had one and I let her take it. (Chivalry and all that.) I mean, she made me a tape of it, which I may even still have somewhere, but I don't listen to cassettes too often. So much much thanks.

Definitely investigating some of the other stuff here...and I already know and love "The Mess" and have it, but I'll highly recommend it to others....

Emmett said...

Solarflares: thanks very much for the comment and the blogroll. Your site looks cool, I'm excited to check it out!

Brett: Glad to help you finally get your Hilly on. "Racing To The Fields..." Such a trip!

Ste said...

Congratulations on your son and good pick with 'Doot Doot' by Freur (who became dance act Underworld).

ib said...

Hey! Congratulations, Emmett!

Apologies, for coming to this so late. Nice inaugaral mix, too...

Here's to Noah!

Tim said...

Conratulations, Emmett, on the birth of your son, and thanks for another great mix. Noah will have pretty great musical tastes for sure!

monco said...

Hello. Thanks for the megamix (and the tracks!). Having a great time here. Inspiring.

emmett said...

Hey Monco, thanks for the fabulous comment! If I ever make it down to Brazil I will be sure to check out one of your parties. Kind regards, Emmett