Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amon Duul II - Another Morning

Thanks to JG for pointing me back to this one. It's all about the choral vocal part that kicks in at 1:37. Sounds like Ariel Pink or something? (or Mike + The Mechanics, "The Living Years"?)


Anonymous said...

'only human' is actually the only amon düül record I own as a vinyl. Once purchased it on a flee market 'cause my son no. 2 very much liked the cover with the cat.

the music didn't impress me very much by the first rotations on my recordplayer, so i've never bothered to listen to it a second time 'til i found in on the artdecade website.

2 me the part of the song when the vocal chorus sets in very much sounds like the sparks on 'no. 1 in heaven'.

no wonder, considering that both records were probably produced around the same time and very likely in the same studio in munich.

it's funny, i kinda like it now I rediscovered it by your blog-spot.

ano 2.

Emmett said...

Thanks for the comment, Ano. I can hear what you mean about Sparks, the combination of anthemic/hymnal melody with a disco riddim. However, I just decided it sounds more like Mike + The Mechanics to me (see edit above).

Hard to believe you didn't like this the first time! :)