Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year In Review

Igor Stravinsky - Otche Nash
Brenda Lee - The Crying Game
Zoo - Hard Times, Good Times
Tuesday - Sewing Machine
France Gall - Les Petits Ballons
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Me
England's Glory - Bright Lights
Helen Banks - Do You Know
Sensational Nightingales - My Sisters And Brothers
Sadistic Mika Band - Hi Jack (I'm Just Dying)
El Tigre - Figure
Chris Spedding - Video Life
Ilitch - Peripherikredcommando
Step Lang - Airborn
Radar - Una Splendida Emicrania
Miharu Koshi - Parallélisme
Electric Light Orchestra - Letter From Spain
Haruomi Hosono - Sports Men

I wanted to do a little compendium of some of my top finds of 2011, the songs that really made "life work leaving" (to quote a cryptic James Joyce). I also needed a reasonable excuse to post this picture of my boy.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy 2012...


Ravel said...

I'll resist calling this a «cute» picture... 'cause it's more than that !
Happy New Year too and thanks for sharing yr discoveries.

Anonymous said...

I have had my ears melt off in delight here, it's been great.

davyh said...

Fabulous pic! Looking forward to wrapping my ears around these.

Word veri = 'eeioush' - seems to sum it all up quite nocely.

davyh said...

er, 'nicely'

anto said...

a great list of great songs. thanks much duder for another year of greats.

Anonymous said...

guys, thanks again for an epic year of music discovery, a new art decade post always hits the spot.

all the best for 012

emmett said...

Thanks for all the support, lads!

nico said...

thank you. thank you. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ain't that the backside of the B-Side - 12'' on the pic?

I mean La B-Side who was involved in the fab. Fab Five Freddy Coproduction 'Change Le Beat' on the flipside, rapped in french? One of my alltime hiphop tracks!

Btw: What has your - defintitely supersweet - offspring done 2 your record collection? Hope there are still some records left unbroken to be posted.

by the wy: I recommend 'soothing sounds for baby' by raymond scott and - only in a very bad case of sleeplessness - 'Earth 2' by Earth (Sub Pop) to aurally soothe your littleone! never failed to work on my brats...

ano 2 alias the supernanny

emmett said...

Thanks for positive messages, everyone!

Ano, good eye! That is a record by B-Side, of change the beat fame. But don't worry, that's my discards pile... the lad isn't allowed to destroy the good records!

I know that Raymond Scott record; good stuff. Will def be checking out "Earth 2"

Anonymous said...

thanx for linking me 2 your October 2007 postings. a paticular great selection on art d. to my most humble opinion.

the g. szabo track is my cup of beer and by your courtesy I'm goin' to add it on a 'midsummer-evening in cadaques'-mixtape for the next sonar festival. the perfect soundtrack for chilling on a Hotel Port Lligat balcony; watching the sunset and having a couple of Lumumbas. yeehhaw!

ano 2

Luke said...

Thank you for this wonderful collection, and that is an outstanding photo. Happy New Year!

Adam said...

Always good. Best in 2012

emmett said...

Thanks, Luke and Adam. Luke -- love your blog and twitter. Deep stuff.

Ano, thx for enabling me to re-enjoy that Szabo track. Haven't thought about that one in years. I was actually in Cadaques in summer 2009. Great town. I'd love to go back.

Send along a tracklist for your mixtape if you make it -- I'm dead serious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmet,

you actually were in Cadaques in 2009?

I was actually also there in June '09 for some serious chilling out after attending the Sonar Festival (with Grace Jones) in Barcelona.

And that is why I might add one or two Grace Jones Tracks (from her Compass Point period) 2 my Mixtape.

Will send u the PL as soon as I'm ready, which might be not b4 Spring for the lousy wheather we're having at the moment isn't particularly inspiring.

ano 2

Anonymous said...

this blog is amazing. thanks for everything. can't wait for all the new finds in 2012.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of post i love to find on a music blog. Great songs, few of which I could have ever hoped to find on my own.