Thursday, June 07, 2012

The debut single.

Siouxsie and The Banshees: Hong Kong Garden

And, from Juju released 31 years ago this month:


Anonymous said...

Ah, Juju, my first and fave' Siouxsie Record. Wonderful guitarwork by John McG. easily stands the test of time.

Juju was on one of the nine to twelve tapes we had on board when my posse an me went to spain by car for the first thyme in the extremely hot (football world cup) summer of '82!

though its sharp and cold sound stands in stark contrast to the catalonian summer and the music they had on their tapes, most of the numerous hippies we met that summer somehow liked it for 'Juju' is positively psychedelic.

remembers ano. 2

Big B said...

ano. 2 - thanks for sharing your summer memory. Wish I could reminiscence about blasting Siouxsie out a car window in Spain!

Anonymous said...

just pack your sleeping bag, burn a cd for the car, get a flight and come over the big pond. next week the SONAR Festival is happening in Barcelone. Will be fun again...

ano 2