Thursday, December 27, 2012

Richard Berry and The Pharaohs - Louie Louie

Had you heard this original version before? I had not, until a week or so ago when I happened upon it while making this all-1957 playlist. Note the rare (for the time) straight-eighths feel, as opposed to the more common (for the time) swing/shuffle rhythm. Call it proto-funk, if you will. The only other tune of similar vintage I can think of with a similar feel is this.

I also love this youtube comment on the song, signed by "old guy", which makes you think about how this must have been the jam when it came out:

"I remember riding in the back seat of my brothers 49 merc sled and him telling me to try to look cool and slouch down in the seat... anyway him and his buddy Cooper were head bobbin and cruisin with there eyes barely above the window and the radio was cranked up to this tune. The one and only ever version for me ever since."  


Anonymous said...

This is not the original version. The Kingsmen released the original in 1955 and it is by far the best to be found. John Belushi's rendition from the soundtrack of National Lampoon's Animal House is pretty decent. This song was a standard cover of all local bands throughout the 60's and 70's.

emmett said...

This is the original version. The Kingsmen's version is from 1963. Richard Berry wrote the tune.

Big B said...

Wow. Greatness.

Definitely hear the 'Lucille' connection and love the story about 'old guy's' bro telling him to "try and look cool."