Friday, December 28, 2012

Rufus - Walkin' in the Sun

Written by Jeff Barry.  In his own words:

"My father was blind, and the inspiration for the song came from an incident [that took place] when I was a teenager.  I was walking with my dad in New York City, and it was late in the afternoon.  We were a little chilly, as the tall buildings were shading the sun.  My dad said, 'Is the sun out on the other side of the street?'  Well, of course it was.  I wrote the song about 25 years later and I didn't realize that the song title came from that day 'til years after that."
This anecdote, a version by Barry himself which you will listen to over and over again, and much more, including graphics that may or may not induce seizures, may be found here.

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