Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Niagara - Sangandongo (excerpt)

Another great hi-hat to ride cymbal climate change at the 4:19 mark.

For other such moments, see:
here (sort of, at various times around the 13:00 mark).


ib said...

Some seriously mammoth drumming here. Had to do some hunting to track down the band.

Emmett said...

Glad you enjoyed it ib! And once again, it's great to have you back. I've been lurking on Siblingshot and enjoying.

I think this band is all drummers? In typical "me" fashion, I have yet to listen to any other parts of this album (even though I own it). Don't know whether their whole oeuvre is all percussion or what.

ib said...

Well, I got so far as unearthing a 6 CD Krautrock sampler featuring this same track, but could not find a rip of the album proper. Will earmark this one.

Good to hear you've been "enjoying" surreptitiously from the bleachers. I do worry that my negative bent of late is something less than an acquired taste.