Sunday, November 16, 2014

Noël Akchoté - Carlo Gesualdo: "Moro, lasso, al moi duolo"

"So a twenty-first century guitarist recorded all of Gesualdo's madrigals after transcribing them for five guitars? Huh. I'm still listening. But were they recorded on, you know, a cassette recorder, yielding quite a bit of background noise? And were they also recorded in, you know, like a zoo or whatever, so you can hear some kind of bird or something chattering away in the background, and also many cars driving by? They were? OK, cool. I'm in."

N.B. If memory serves this is the first we've heard of Renaissance music performed on modern guitars since this one, but there's myriad more on offer at Noël's bandcamp page.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, positively a beautiful peace of music! I'm revelling in its wonderful chord progressions.

Like the ambient noises as well creating such a cozy, homely atmosphere.

some other artists worked the same way: for ex. the V. U. (listen to Venus in Furs, the Demo- Versions published in the Peel Slowly and See Box) and - very likeable - San Fran's Swell on their first LP 'Well' (

btw - Carlo Gesualo must have been a - uhm - quite interesting fellow, to say the least. Werner Herzog cut a documentary about him in 1995.

thanx again for sharing - ano 2