Thursday, December 11, 2014

Michel Pagliaro -
Lovin' You Ain't Easy
Some Sing, Some Dance

Recorded at Apple Studios, London.

Love the labyrinthine bridge on Lovin' You Ain't Easy (the bit at 1:02 and following). Takes a few listens to be able to sing along with it. Is it even a bridge?


Anonymous said...

Ah, I always knew that Noel and Liam were copy cats when they were composing the verse and arranging the phrasing of the vocals and the guitar lines of Champagne Supernova. Now I know by whom....

ano 2

Emmett said...

Interesting connection, Ano. Are the lads from Oasis on record as being huge Pagliaro fans?

Anonymous said...

Good Britons as they are they probably dug anything from the Apple Studios!

btw: The image of Pag seems to have been the blueprint for Liam's spin doctor - check here (long link, says Hopp Sing)!