Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Cure: Fascination Street [1989]

The instrumental opening is built upon sonic layers of jamming and sound effects, the volume getting louder and louder in the mix, until the vocal comes in at the halfway point. Personally, one of the coolest intros to any song. The mixing on this is as good as anything you'll ever here. Guitar by Porl Thompson.

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Anonymous said...

Something of a curio, Mike. The Cure are one of those bands i keep returning to for all the obvious reasons - ie, those glorious hits - but i'd never heard this before. I'm not familiar with any of their albums after the (very) patchy Boys Don't Cry, but this actually reminds of the Banshees.

I went to see Siouxsie when Robert Smith stood in on guitar in the midst of the fall-out from Join Hands, and this took me right back, which is especially peculiar given the guitar here is by Porl Thompson.

Mike said...

You got me on the bit of Siouxsie trivia... this is actually Steve's post. He is posting for Emmett while Emmett is no doubt roaming the streets of Clichy, very, very late at night.