Thursday, March 22, 2007

Koenig Cylinders: Carousel [1993] -->
Dinosaur: Kiss Me Again [1978]
(Optimo mix)

taken from Optimo Present Psyche Out

Kiss Me Again was written by Arthur Russell. Featuring NYC session legend Allan Schwartzberg on drums, who flat-out rocks the break at the 7:10 mark, then pretty much says "fuck it" at the 10:21 mark and goes into country two-step mode for the rest of the song.

There are about 15 different, equally great parts in this. One of my favourite episodes begins at 5:38. Those two bass notes that answer the cello are not what I expect them to be.

See here for the rest of the personnel and more interesting info on this fucking legendary track.


Anonymous said...

An especially big thank you for posting this one, Emmett. I kinda got into Arthur Russell (way too belatedly) on the back of "Another Thought", where it was his cello playing and isolated reverb-drenched vocals that initially grabbed my attention. Since then, i've gathered together bits and pieces from his various incarnations as Dinosaur L/Loose Jonts/Lola, but i've wanted to hear "Kiss Me Again" for a long time.

He's a bit like Aphex Twin in so much as there're so many different mixes out there, it all gets a little bewildering.

Maybe there is something mystical in just the name - Lee; Brown; Russell. They all flirted precociously with contemporary trends, but their legacy is altogether more odd and abstract. Then again, maybe it's just the subliminal impression lingering over from yesterday's utterances on vernal equinoxes and baptismal ablutions.

Emmett said...

Very true, ib, there have been some great Arthurs, including a now-defunkt music magazine and a solid Kinks album.

This is the first "Kiss Me Again" I heard so it's the one I fell in love with. I really like the transition from the Koenig Cylinders to the Dinosaur. To me Kiss Me Again isn't as good without those happy synths in the beginning leading into the darker vibe...

Anonymous said...

Well, this certainly works for me too. The effervescent intro is really nice - glad you posted it that way, Emmett. I'm listening to it right now and the segue from cello strings to Myriam Valle's vocal (from "Kiss Me Again" proper) is absolutely gorgeous.

Muchos gracias.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This song just blew my mind.

Thanks for posting it.