Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brainticket: Black Sand [1971]
Brainticket: Places of Light [1971]

Joel Vandroogenbroeck: organ, flute
Ron Bryer: guitar
Werni Frohlich: bass guitar
Cosimo Lampis - drums
Wolfgang Paap - tablar
Voice by Dawn Muir
Hellmuth Kolbe - Potentiometers, Generators and Soundeffects

You know that any band with a guy named Cosimo on drums is going to, at the very least, have good equipment.

Taken from Cottonwoodhill, which you should buy from the link below.

Back cover:
Join in...
Listen to the first
recording of this LSD/
Take a trip to your
inner light.
See the hallucinations
of reality rise out
of the groove.
you've got
your brainticket now!

Inside cover:
After listening to this record your friends
won't know you anymore.

Only listen once a day to this record.
Your brain might be destroyed!

Hallelujah Records takes no responsibility.

Suffice to say, right now I wish I was living in 1971 Switzerland.

To buy Cottonwoodhill and read more about it, go to Other Music, and search for "Cottonwood hill". The space is necessary.


Emmett said...

Ace! But I'm still going to sue the shit out of Hallelujah records for destroying my brain.

Mike said...

Yeah, this one took me about a day to warm up to, but lately I've been listening more than once a day.

I am probably going to hunt down all of there stuff and have a krautrock party. Are you in?

Anonymous said...

"Places Of Light" is a shining example of the overly-conceptualized somehow bursting through and swimmingly working. Love the oscillator. Think Zeppelin nicked it for "No Quarter" in '73?

Mike said...

Huh. Good call on No Quarter. They might have. I'll have to track it down and listen to it again.

Overly-conceptualized is a great way of describing this number. The band definitely weren't just fiddling around in the studio and this song resulted. No, there was some hard work that went into this one. And probably a lot of drugs.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I listened to those two tracks and now my friends don't know me any more! Curse you, Brainticket!!

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