Sunday, April 15, 2007

Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team: Hobo (Scratch) [1983]

We on a world tour with Mr. Malcolm McLaren
Going each and every place including Spain
Asia, Africa, Tokyo, Mexico
We went to the places where the people told him not to go

produced by Trevor Horn


Anonymous said...

so they're going "to the places where the people told him not to go"? Since that philosophy was exploited back in 1978, say in the Southern U.S.(!), it begs the question in 1983, Malcolm:

"...every feel like you've been cheated?".


Emmett said...

Jude -- Thanks for the comment, though I have to say I have no idea what it means. Nor do I have any idea what those lyrics mean. Did Malcolm and the WFST actually embark on such a world tour in '83? Where does this rap even come from? It sounds like it's being cut in from another record. Feel free to elucidate at your convenience.

Anonymous said...

It was McLaren's idea to start The Sex Pistols'initial U.S. tour back in '78 in the redneck south, rather than the more "accepting" east coast (New York, Boston, etc...). The reason he gave for this was so that they could better "enrage" an audience by booking them in cities/venues where thet weren't wanted. While it somewhat "worked", ultimately the band fell apart only after a handful of shows, etc...
During the final show, Rotten stops and asks the audience the aforementioned question. He felt they were "cheating" them rather than providing punk's "revolutionary promise".
Seeing that lyric in McLaren's song is-by way of comparison- clownish thereafter.

Emmett said...

I see. Thanks for clearing that up, Jude.

Anonymous said...

If I may be excused some pedantry, the line is actually "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" and it's the last thing Johnny Rotten says at the last Sex Pistols show, which took place at the Winterland in San Francisco. There's a DVD of the concert available.

I don't know if he's ever explained exactly what he meant - I've always believed he's referring to himself being cheated by McLaren and by the whole Sex Pistols experience, especially since Rotten soon sued McLaren for a lot of money.

Hrbek said...

on the flip side, it's an awesome EP from early hip hop ... love it. the world's famous makes the record. this and duck rock.

asia if you like my beat, let me hear you stomp your feet!

nice post.