Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Rolling Stones: I love ladies [1974]
The Rolling Stones: Dance (pt. 2) [1979]
The Rolling Stones: Too tough [1983]

Three studio outtakes from Keith, Mick, & Co.

I love ladies is from the Black & Blue sessions. Dance (pt. 1) is the second outtake (of 3) from the Emotional Rescue sessions. Too tough is from the Undercover sessions.

The album version to Dance (pt. 1) was posted by SPC back when Emmett was away. It's worth listening to the outtake version followed immediately by the studio version.

Buy Undercover here.


Emmett said...

Had "I Love Ladies" appeared on B&B it would have been double the tempo of any other song on that album!

Mike said...

Indeed. I wonder what that day was like at the recording studio...

Casey said...

Thanks for the Stones posts. I've always been fascinated by outtakes and such!

Mike said...

You're welcome, Casey. Thanks for commenting... Nice blog you have there as well, I was just reading through some of your recent posts.

Anonymous said...

New Stones`stuff for a really long in the tooth stones fan is more fun than a moon light mile on everything is turning to gold blvd.
Thanks -- from the far north of
the state of Wisconsin USA.

R- Falkon
* proudly worshipping all things Rolling!!!

Mike said...

It's cool that people have heard of the Stones in Wisconsin. The Internet is amazing that way.

Just kidding with you... I appreciate the comment, and maybe in a month or two I will post another round of outtakes. Some of the quality on that stuff is not the best, but the music is still the Rolling Stones.

Jair da Motta said...

can fucking belive tyou didnt post the entire album!!! You Americans!!!!