Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Part 5 [1978]
Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Part 6 [1978]

Emmett directed me towards Jean Michel back in December. Since then I've listened to a few of his albums, but hadn't realized how huge he was until I read this Wikipedia post.

Bastille Day, 1979. Place de la Concorde. 1 million electronic music fans. Sounds insane.

I am tempted to post the whole album here, given that the album is meant to 'reflect a day in the life of a human being'. Here are parts 5 and 6, which I guess are the equivalent of the end of the work day / metro ride home. Part 8 is downright dirty.

Buy Equinoxe here.


Anonymous said...

The album drops dead on part vi, right ? From which we can only deduce that Jean-Michel's vision of robotic life precluded human contact entirely or that he was too uptight to let his relationship with the gorgeous Charlotte Rampling inspire or infringe upon his creative output one iota.

Nice clean (if not downright clinical) cinematic nonsense anyway. Personally, i would sooner listen to Neu! any day of the week, but i have to confess that i might have allowed myself to awkwardly twitch along to part iv in spite of myself.

How far did you get with Eater ?

Mike said...

Eater is on the to-do list. I have some crazy stuff going on with my current 'job' which should hopefully end sometime soon.

HHS said...

Hey Artdecade,

You've postede some Freddie Scott a while ago. Well now, when he's dead, it could be nice with at new post.

Cheers, love your blog.


Emmett said...

Hey HHS, that is sad news about Freddie. I did not know that had happened. Thank you very much for the comment and the suggestion, and resquiat in pacem to Mr. Scott...

Emmett said...

I just re-instated the link to the Freddie Scott track (from March 6 2007)

HHS said...

Thanks, Emmett