Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vitor Hublot: Aller Simple [1983]

taken from Bippp: French Synth Wave 1979-1985

Vitor Hublot on My Space


Anonymous said...

Belgique. Belle. Chic.

Have to say, too, i'm enjoying the Herbie Hancock tracks from a few posts back. And i'd never thought i'd say that.

Emmett said...

Hey ib, glad you liked the Herbie! I'm looking into the Left Banke catalogue, as per your suggestion. Any and all comments/suggestions always welcome...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emmett - the essential Left Banke tracks come from their two 60's albums: "Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina" (Smash 1967) and "the Left Banke, Too" (Smash, 1968) plus the single "Myra/Pedestal" (1969).

The first album contains, of course, the Michael Brown (Lookofsky) penned "Walk Away Renée" - released as a single in 1966 when Brown was just sixteen, and covered a year later by the Four Tops - and "Pretty Ballerina", another Brown composition. All the tracks on this album are essential, but another particular favourite of mine is "Shadows Breaking Over my Head", a joint composition between Brown and vocalist Steve Martin caro.

The second album - released as the original group fractured under the strain of drug fuelled neuroses and bad management decisions - contains the equally indespensable hit "Desirée", but does not ever come close to the perfection of the first.

Both "Myra" and "Pedestal" are equally fantastic, with Brown and Caro briefly reunited for what was to be their final official single release.

Mike said...

Tu est la... reste la.

This reminds me so much of French class in grammar school. Even its title scares me a bit.

What are you up to tonight, Emmett? I need a drinkie.

Emmett said...

"Tu es la... en Florida."

I must be mis-hearing that lyric, right??

Mike said...