Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gerry Rafferty: Right Down The Line

Röcktöberfest 2K7 continues with this not-so-deep cut from the City To City LP. I always liked the way the chorus dovetails back into the verse.


Anonymous said...

Very unexpected cut, Emmett.

Inexplicably, i found myself parting with the cash for this album back in 1978, only to find the first and subsequent copy i returned was so badly warped the stylus skipped over the vinyl like a runaway train. Impulse buy, or what ?

Still don't know if i bought it due to "Baker Street" or because the cover was painted by Paisley born artist and sometime playwright, John Byrne. His portrait of Billy Connolly (one half of the Humblebums alongside Rafferty) still hangs in the People's Palace on Glasgow Green.

Whatever the reason, i'm forever mildly embarrassed since i could surely have invested
the money more wisely. Whatever's written in your heart, that's what matters. Apparently.

Jared Thiele said...

Yes. I love this song. Thanks!
My blog.