Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lou Reed & John Cale: Smalltown

From one of my favorite albums.

Buy it here.


Anonymous said...

Ace, Mike!

This cheered me up no end. In Glasgow in the 90s there was briefly a band called Hugh Reed & the Velvet Underpants, and i'm not making this up...

Mike said...

Were they a tribute band? Are they post-able?

If you haven't heard this whole album you should... it's not bad for a concept album.

davyh said...

I echo that - s'a great album.

Nice film of them doing it here

Anonymous said...

Not a tribute band as such, they were more heavy boozers with a sense of humour. Every time i would see a flyer advertising a gig there would invariably be a puddle of vomit on the pavement below, which was somewhat apt.

They have an album entitled "Take a Walk on the Clydeside".

You can see them doing the single "SIX TO WAN" on YouTube:

and i think they have a profile on MySpace.