Wednesday, February 10, 2010

plays guitar and sings
Led Zeppelin: Going to California (live)

Courtesy of John Peel's BBC Rock Hour @ Paris Studios in London

Say you wanted to rewrite this song in '98. Well, it might sound like this.


ib said...

Thanks, Big B. I don't believe I've heard this version, previously.

Or the Darth Veddder rewrite either for that matter. If the backing less than a minute in was any more overblown I might assume it was U2.
Thank god Bono does not join him in a duet.

Anonymous said...

Funny you posted that track with a j. mtchell pic. Very manipulating.

It made me expecting a coverversion of "California" from the "blue" album, ano 2

Big B said...

ib, thank gawd Bono does not join in, indeed!! I can't believe any band would feel comfortable pulling something like this off.

Ano 2, glad the Joni pic didn't scare you away.

ib said...

Unsettling, isn't it ?

Thanks be to the gods that they sent Bono on a mission to save the world. With any luck, he might be gone for some time...

Bruce Springsteen said...

Let's have some fun with that!