Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Other Two - Selfish

I'm working on an all-1993 mix and this is the flagship jam so far. Anyone got any ideas? All genres are fair game; obscurity is preferred. Thanks again for your assistance with the 1997, 1980, 2003, and 1990 projects. I also did a 1957 mix which you can stream as "Soda Fountains" on Viva Radio.

It will take a little while to get through all the years, eh?


davyh said...

One Dove - 'Breakdown'
Guru (Jazzmatazz) - 'Le Bien, Le Mal'
Cocteau Twins - 'Evangeline'
Mazzy Star - 'Fade Into You'


sintalentos said...

lots of incredible hip-hop in '93: biggie's "party & bullshit;" de la's buhloone mindstate; 'pac's second LP; wu-tang, OC, the roots & the pharcyde's debuts; atcq's midnight marauders; doggstyle; souls of mischief's '93 til infinity

but here are some other joints (not just hip-hop):
Jungle Brothers "Simple As That (Original Laswell Mix)" (the version from the Unauthorized Cut-Up Vol.1: Excavation comp)
Medicine "Live It Down"
Freestyle Fellowship "Bullies of the Block"
Organized Konfusion "Bring It On (Lost Remix Xplicit)"
MC Breed "Gotta Get Mine"
Del "Undisputed Champs"(Feat. Pep Love, Q-Tip, Jay-Biz)
Hardrive "Deep Inside"

Grant said...

Aches In Whisper by The Verlaines
West Coast Love Affair by Unrest
Pack Yr Romantic Mind by Stereolab
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Plaything by Palace Brothers
Gratitude by Labradford

Anonymous said...

Catherine Wheel - Crank
Slowdive - When The Sun Hits

emmett said...

Thanks everyone, and keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Dillon Fence - Collapsis
Liz Phair - Glory
Underworld - Dark & Long
Doughboys - Shine
Sort Sol - Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
The The - Slow Emotion Replay

plague said...

OK! 1993 is *epic* year for underground dance and ambient and dub all madly hybridizing before the big Jungle breakouts in 1994. I have about lots of suggestions but my overall sense is that I still have only scratched the surface of what went on that year (and 1994 was even madder really).

For a good example of stuff that almost nobody knows about even now, consider Bandulu's Phaze In Version. The most praised track ('Wonder 2') on MBV's recent release steals wholesale from this but as far as I'm aware nobody (but me) noticed.

Anyhow, I got the Bandulu track from this mixtape. I also recommend Chrissy Murderbot's The Year in Rave-1993.

My specific picks for the year include
Aphex Twin: On.
Polygon Window (Aphex by another name): Surfing on Sine Waves album (best tracks, Polygon Window, Audax Powder, Quoth, If It Really Is Me)
Frankfurt Trax Vol 4 (Fantastic hard core collection. Best track probably 303 Nation's Double Speed Mayhem which was memorably used in the superb club scene in Morvern Callar)
The Higher Intelligence Agency: Colourform album (fave tracks, Spectral, Re-echo)
Plastikman, Sheet One (album with notorious acid tab cover! More 303 than you can poke a stick at on tracks such as Plasticity and Plasticine)
The Ambient Dub Vol 2- Earthjuice collection came out in 1993. I like the Original Rockers racks from that: The Underwater World of Jah Cousteau, DeMat DubRim (maybe these tracks themselves come from previous years?)

Leaving the dance/ambient/dub scene behind:

Philip Glass did his fabulous arrangement of the instrumentals from Bowie and Eno's Low in 1993.
And the climax of Peter Weir's Fearless (go 1m55s in) used Gorecki's Symphony 3 to great effect. It was the year of awesomely lugubrious classical!

As others have mentioned, lots of good Stereolab in 1993: Lo Boob Oscillator, Jenny Ondioline, French Disko, We're Not Adult-orientated, Avant Garde M.O.R., and so on (the whole Space Age Batchelor Pad album - my first Sterolab record - is really pretty great, but I confess that I can't be objective about it).

Lastly, on the rock front:
Radiohead, Thinking About You (which I like in this ripping live acoustic version
Straitjacket Fits, Train
Lix Phair, Explain It To Me (Now known as the 'End of Thirteen' song)

Hope that that's some use!

plague said...

Whoops, another Stereolab track (maybe the best): Lo Boob's B-side, Tempter

emmett said...

Hey Plague, thanks so much, I look forward to delving through your tracks. Yeah, there's a megaload of Stereolab that came out in '93, I'd already been trying to sift through it, 2 LP's and a bunch of singles, and a Nurse With Wound collaboration which is bonkers...

emmett said...

Polygon Window... holy shit ;)

Luke said...

Rollerskate Skinny - Miss Leader, lovely jam from underappreciated Dublin band.

PatrickJ said...

*Grant Lee Buffalo - Shining Hour (or practically anything from "Fuzzy").
*Dwight Yoakam - Fast as You
*Little Village - Don't Think About Her
*Coffee Sergeants - I Smile

M said...

Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
Dead Can Dance - The Uniquitous Mr.Lovegrove

dig em.

Pezzle said...

Boo Radleys' Rodney King (Song For Lenny Bruce)'
Galaxy 2 Galaxy 'Hi-Tech Jazz'
Suede 'High Rising'
Kate Bush 'Rubberband Girl'

Big B said...

Grant Lee Buffalo - "Fuzzy"
Uncle Tupelo - "New Madrid"
Mercury Rev - "Bronx Cheer"
Digable Planets - "Appointment at the Fat Clinic"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxtion"
Cocteau Twins - "Know Who You Are At Every Age"


Pezzle said...

...Acetone 'For A Few Dollars More' or 'Cindy' lp
Seefeel 'Quique' lp
Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul 'Fallin''

Sheridan Dupre said...

Prep class of '93, what's up!

You know me. I go for the anthemic hits. And since Bob Weir did not release a solo album in '93 (regrettably) I suggest the following:

Wu Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M.
Yo La Tengo: I Heard You Looking
Flaming Lips: Be My Head
Dinosaur Jr: Get Me

Abigail said...

Morphine - Buena
The was a night-time show on BBC Radio 1 - Out On Blue Six - that I used to listen to as a kid in 'under the bedclothes' mode. This track got played loads.

Quadrant - Infinition
10 minutes of Mark & Moritz

PJ Harvey - M-Bike (demo)

The Auteurs - How Could I Be Wrong?

Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving

David Bowie - Buddha of Suburbia

Tony Toni Tone - Couldn't Keep It To Myself

In 1993 Elmer Bernstein re-recorded Herrmann's Love Scene from 'Vertigo' to devastating effect. I've uploaded here for anyone who wants it:

Brian said...

His Name is Alive-Blue Moon

HNIA is one of my favorite bands and this cover of a Big Star song is gorgeous. It's what my teenage years/dreams sounded like.

Anonymous said...

good year indeed!

never went out dancing as much as in 93 again; often drove to Berlin for a weekender when almost on a daily basis opened up a new location. And back home there happened to explode the ‘cosmic orgasm’-parties - wild ‘n’ noisy!

some trax the ano_2 used 2 dance 2 in 93

Plastikman – Spastik – strictly rhythm and still my fave tekkno trak
X-press – London X-press
Masters at Work feat. India – Can’t get no sleep
DJ Joe Vanelli (Masters at Work RMX) – Plays with voices
Caucasian Boy - Nothern lights (on Strictly Rhythm; the B-Side “Honeydip“ is also great stuff)
Basic Channel – 001
Marden Hill – Harlem River Drive (heard it first on the 1993 Japan released CD „60 Minute Man“)
Masters at Work & Gringo – Donde lo conseguiste
Jeff Mills-Stuff

Even the Music in the Charts was g-reeaat:

Suede – Animal Nitrate (when I first heard it on the radio while being on holiday in London I actually thought, Ziggy S. was back).

Ice Cube – It was a good day (… I didn’t even have to use may AK, I got to say it was a good day….) – I prefer the 93’ Radio Remix Edit on the B-Side of the ‘Check yourself’-CD with the great Sample by The Impressions)

Pet Shop Boys – Go West

Trash Hits of the Year:

All that she wants is another baby (No. 1 in the Spanish discotheques that summer)

Helge Schneider – Vibrationsboogie

Helge Schneider – Das zerzauste Haar -

IndiePop went Ambient in 1993:

Seefeel, Stereolab, Nurse with Wound

Slowdive – Machine Gun

Edward Ka-spel – Inferno/Illusion

nuff said......

GBR said...

First time commenting, but frequent visitor. Love your posts. Might be nice to toss in Freakwater's Crazy Man from '93's Feels Like the Third Time.

GBR said...

The Lucky One by Freedy Johnston from 1993’s Unlucky [EP]
You Find It Everywhere by Swervedriver from 1993’s Mezcal Head
Driving Aloud by Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from 1993’s Respect
In a Lonely World or The Blue Sea by Roger Eno & Kate St. John from 1993’s Familiar
The Symmetry by Erik Voeks from 1993’s Sandbox

GBR said...

More that came to mind...
Nothing of the Kind from Jimmie Dale Gilmore's album Spinning Around the Sun
Lotta Love to Give from the '93 Daniel Lanois release For the Beauty of Wynona
Great Big No from Come On Feel the Lemonheads
Sunshine from World Party's Bang!
What Do You Think of Love from Shrimp Boat's '93 release Cavale

Other notable album releases from that year - Guided By Voices/Vampire on Titus, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult/13 Above the Night, Silver Jews/Arizona Record, and I think Alejandro Escovedo's Thirteen Years came out in '93, too.

k_files said...

"Plumb Line" - Archers of Loaf
"Late at Night" - Buffalo Tom
"Cure for Pain" - Morphine
"There's More to Life Than This" - Bjork
"Loungin'" - Guru
"23 Beats Off" - Fugazi
AND OF COURSE: "Laid" - James

Brent McD. said...

Swervedriver - Girl on a Motorbike
Mark Lanegan - Carnival
Loud Family – Aerodeliria
13 Engines - Lift You Up

Anonymous said...

st. johnny - go to sleep

Anonymous said...

st. johnny - go to sleep

Anonymous said...

st. johnny - go to sleep