Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Léonie - En Alabama

Apparently this is how crazy things can get when J.C. Vannier writes a tune instead of just arranging one. Featuring (maybe?) the scintillating return of that sound we're thinking is strummed piano strings, as heard previously in this.

It just occurred to me that the bassline on the intro is a descendant of this.

Get ready for a refreshing flood of only the best neurotransmitters at the 0:35 mark.


ib said...

Well. You know almost anything with a Gainsbourg association sits well well with me.

The European women of the 1940's may have hated serge. Those U.S. uniforms were considerably slicker, of course.

But, like double worsted, the Gainsbourg tradition is especially enduring.

emmett said...


emmett said...


Big B said...

Amazing to see an IB comment. Welcome back!

ib said...

Thank you, Big B. Emmett.

I trust all is well. And I'm heartily glad that see that Art Decade has not fallen dormant as my own project here in Glasgow.

By the way. I have listened to "Mir" more times than is comfortably admissible. A great song, I think. And worthy of a repost.

Sheridan Dupre said...

IB! God damn. I haven't been checking in much but nice to see you back here!